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Mediation is a process that actively assists you to negotiate an agreement that is workable for all concerned

A mediator helps the process of negotiation by:

* Bringing parties to a point where they can negotiate

* Helping both sides to identify practical ways forward

* Keeping the negotiations on track.

Your mediator ensures that the way forward feels fair to everyone involved. And because mediated agreements are negotiated by both parties rather than imposed, they are much more likely to be workable in practice and adhered to by all involved. You are then able to make your mediated solution the basis of a legally binding agreement if necessary.

Mediation is both practical and sensitive to the feelings and concerns of those involved.

A mediated settlement helps to maintain important relationships where necessary; be it with a work colleague, a neighbour or the parent of your child. Mediation is confidential* so it offers the freedom to discuss solutions without the worry of proposals and options later being used in legal action.

With so many advantages to mediation, why take the gamble just to have your day in court? Legal action can cost far more in terms of time, money and stress, with no guarantee you’ll get the outcome you want. If initially your court hearing isn’t successful then you may fall into a judge’s hands completely where the control of a decision is then taken from you and the judge decides.

Mediation keeps you in control.

* There are some exceptions to confidentiality – your mediator will go through this with you.