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If the first meeting (MIAM) goes well and you all agree to try mediation, you will book mediation sessions. It usually takes between three and five meetings to come to agreement, depending on what you need to sort out.

The mediator will usually see you and the other party together.

(with the exclusion of some civil and commercial cases)

Mediators are trained to:

Listen and help you both to work out what has to be dealt with

Discuss what your options might be and what might work best for the future.

Make sure you both have chance to speak and be heard.

Provide any information needed to help your discussions.

Tell you when you might need further independent advice on matters such as pensions.

Ensure decisions are made jointly, are fair for both of you, for any children involved, and for your family circumstances.

When you reach agreement, the mediator will put it in writing and make sure you’re all clear about what it means.

Are the decisions we make legally binding?

The decisions you reach aren’t legally binding on their own. But you can ask a court to make what you’ve decided into a legally binding consent order. Your mediator can explain what this is and how you can get a consent order.

There is a cost for this court application and your mediator will be able to provide information about this.

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