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Curriculum vitae

Lesa Aaron-Clarke FMCA


Professional mediation that saves you time

I’m Lesa Aaron-Clarke. An experienced and fully accredited Civil and Commercial and Family-specific mediator with a sensitive and empathetic approach. Professional, impartial and determined to reach a resolution pre-court, I can save you time, money and unnecessary stress with a focused and confidential service. With experience spanning over 100 cases across a variety of disciplines from large legal financial disputes to domestic property boundaries, I have a trusted reputation and high success rate in resolving disputes.

With over 20 years’ experience in business management and administration, I’ve honed exceptional conflict management skills and apply these to every case. I’m dedicated to progressing cases as swiftly as possible to ensure my services are a cost-effective investment for your peace of mind. I provide a calm, approachable and focused environment that gives you the confidence to take control and reach a positive resolution. With personal experience of mediation, I know the value of an open forum to discuss your concerns with clarity and without conflict. My open approach and communication style transcends cultural, financial and personal differences to provide an impartial platform for discussion.

Committed to your case, a good listener with a reputation for fairness, confidentiality and honesty, I can successfully mediate any disputes including:

Family/Parent Plans

Civil disputes


Company administration



Landlord and tenant

Employment/workplace disputes

Boundary/neighbour disagreements/disputes

Contested will/inheritance claims

I have a vast amount of experience of diverse family mediation. Don’t take my word for it, read what my clients say:

"I reached a conclusion to my dispute quickly with 1st Mediation, after a 2 year separation I really didn't think I would get clarity back in my life. The Mediator was extremely supportive and informative, great service straight from the initial contact and my appointment was made quickly".

Based centrally in the Midlands I am mobile, working nationwide, north and south to offer impartial support and help clients find alternative services from counselling to legal advice.

If you are a Solicitor or Counsellor and have a client that you think I can help, I will respond to your enquiry quickly and appointments can be within 1 week if necessary,

Get in touch

Contact me directly on 07756340308 or at [email protected] to discuss how I can support your case in more detail.